Se hace camino al andar


El Puerto Rico de Borikén (Ley de Yaya)

Mi Borikén me hace falta.

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hold you tight,

make you mine,

never leave me alone

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Rule #1, always post the rules.

Rule #2, answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.

Rule #3, tag 11 people then link them in the post.

Rule #4, tell them you tagged them.

Rule #5, tell the person that tagged you when you’ve answered the questions

Who tagged me: jimena00


1  What would you consider the meaning of friendship to be?

Someone who likes the same things you do and who loves you and supports you even if sometimes you fight about stupid things.

2 Dogs or cats?


3 If you could only ever watch one more tv series for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

Since I don’t really watch that much tv, I’d go with Game of Thrones

4 bed wed behead, luna, ginny, and neville?

Oh why. I guess…marry Neville, bed Luna and…y’know what, bed Ginny too I’m not gonna kill her.

5 Do you have a favorite quote?

"It may seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first" - Miyamoto Musashi

6 Does your mom or dad have a special nickname for you?

My whole family calls me “Yali”, and the other day my mom called me by my middle name which was nice :D

7 Who was the last person that made you laugh?

Carelis i think…

8 Do you cry often?

Nope. But I’ve been getting more emotional lately…

9 If you were offered ten million dollars, but the only music you were allowed to listen to from then on was justin bieber would you take the money? 


10 What’s your favorite thing you ever got for Christmas?

When I was like 5 I think my dad got me this tiny play desk for my room and it had a red plastic chair that i loved and drawers and one of those lamps from beneath the desk like animators use so you can see through the paper if you’re tracing something and i loved that desk so much you have no idea.

11 Do you believe in God?




1) dragons or mermaids?

Dragons. Always dragons.

2) Favorite movie?


3) If you could go to one place in the whole world and stay there, where would it be?

I don’t knooow…probably somewhere in Europe or China or Brazil idk i wanna travel so much ;-;

4) Biggest obsession right now?

Riiight now, B2ST’s “Good Luck” song, Guardians of the Galaxy &…Harry Potter probably

5) How many languages do you speak?


6) Which ones?(ignore this one if you only speak one)

Spanish, English, quite a bit of Portuguese and i started Mandarin three weeks ago~

7) Coffee, tea or neither?


8) Do you have nicknames?

Yale, Yali, Yaledminha, Fili (pfff)

9) If you could have any book to movie adaptation(that is loyal to the book) which would it be?

The “Ciudad de las bestias” series & “Sacré Bleu”, maybe “A casa da madrinha” & “La víspera del hombre” too~~

10) Harry Potter or LotR?

Since I haven’t read the LotR books yet, I’m gonna say Harry Potter

11) Best feeling you could ever have?

Waking up to find you still have a lot of time left to sleep or after finishing an oral presentation

New questions: (I’d already done this some time ago {x}, so i’m recycling most of the questions shhh)

  1. What’s your Hogwart’s house?
  2. Do you have any pets?
  3. Would you rather get a tattoo or a piercing? Where/what and why?
  4. Last place you traveled to/visited?
  5. Hot or cold weather and why?
  6. Spirit animal?
  7. Give us a song suggestion
  8. …and a book suggestion?
  9. A language you’d like to learn?
  10. Favorite Disney song?
  11. A line from your favorite poem?

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Join us as we take an exclusive trip to Malfoy Manor for a special interview and photo session!

…as I move on to my next question, a thunderous explosion shakes the manor. While I’m terrified, Hermione and Draco don’t seem much fazed by the loud blast. Moments later, the culprits appear at the foot of the staircase. And I’m relieved to only find the three Malfoy children. The two eldest troublemakers look equally guilty and ashamed. The youngest sibling trail behind them with an unnerving smirk on her face…

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I hope this sinks in your hearts.

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does anyone else suddenly get hit with flashes of dialogue or scenery or characterization that would be perfect to use if you actually had a plot you could incorporate it into

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Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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that is pure happiness right there


that is pure happiness right there

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